Letter from the President of the Jury

(Esp) Horarios

< 2019 >

Just like literature, photography and the visual and performing arts; cinema has the ability to make us think, to become aware and motivate us to take action. Cinema Planeta, International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico, gathers proposals that seek to awaken consciousness through film, either through what we learn by the images of distant landscapes, the stories of struggle or the alarming screams that urge us to react to environmental disasters, or as institutions, as individuals, members of a large collectivity.

            At 9 years of age, Cinema Planeta is inspiring a new generation of filmmakers, artists and audiences committed to the defense of our habitat and its diverse ecosystems. In addition, the festival incorporates its mission to create spaces for public debate, the development of academic programs and artistic and recreational activities related to the environment, in order to contribute to the enrichment of the cultural landscape, the formation of more and more diverse publics, and consequently, to the construction of a better world.

            Therefore, it is a great honor for me to join Cinema Planeta’s team as a member of the jury. I hope that the films that are part of the selection of this ninth festival, will encourage many and many of you to become more aware of the serious problems that we face and to take that great step, from mere spectators to becoming agents of change in defense of our home, one of a kind in the universe.

Teresa Camou Guerrero