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Since 2010, the Center for Education and Training for Sustainable Development (Cecadesu), the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) of the Federal Government, and Cinema Planeta, have established alliances to carry out the Cinema Planeta Tour, a powerful educational- Communicational project that contributes significantly to the promotion of an informed, participatory environmental culture in our country.

            The Tour has become a form of non-formal and playful environmental education, with great acceptance and impact, large audiences have been sensitized about global and local environmental issues, cinema-debates coordinated by specialists encourage people to identify the importance of their collaboration in the attention and solution of concrete situations, in order to do so, they recover their histories, lives, traditions and world-views, at the same time that they strengthen their bonds and encourage social participation.

TourThis itinerant cinema club is integrated by a selection of Cinema Planeta films, which have been exhibited throughout the country with the support of the federal delegations of Semarnat and, through it, in instances of government, educational centers and environmental culture, educational institutions and community spaces, among others, reaching about 80 thousand people in the last three years.

            The present cycle is being carried out in 10 states and it consists of six films: Terra, from France; Serra Pelada, the Legend of the Golden Mountain, from Brazil; The Blue Apple from Venezuela; Action by the Climate-Films of Change, from various countries; Bering, Equilibrium and Resistance, from Mexico and Sunú, from Mexico.

            Recently, Cinema Planeta Tour joined the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)-Latin America and the Caribbean, and we are ready to start in Chile next June.

Javier Lara Arzate

Director of Educational Communication from Cecadesu.