Environmental Rooms

(Esp) Horarios

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This is the most solid educational project of Cinema Planeta, it consists of projecting that approach diverse environmental themes, addressed to public of different ages. At the end of the screenings a debate or round of questions and answers is organized with a specialist. These debates are usually moderated by specialists from research institutes at the Morelos Academy of Sciences at the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos, civil society organizations, government bodies focused on environmental issues, film directors and specialists in visual arts.

The link between students and specialists generates an interdisciplinary and intergenerational space where everyone can bring to the table doubts and concerns that could allow the community to understand any topic in general and link it to local, national and international processes.

For Cinema Planeta’s ninth edition, the attendance of more than 15,000 students of all levels (from Kindergarten to University) from the state of Morelos has been confirmed. Many colleges and universities have hosted the environmental halls to synchronize them with science fairs or environmental festivals they perform to make even greater impact. As a result of this activity, some schools have implemented programs that favor the care for the environment as in Discovery School, where they changed their habits of consumption and completely eliminated the consumption of plastic in the cafeteria. The Moliere school implemented a cultivation program and a green wall at its facilities, as did the Oxford Institute.